Monday, March 7, 2011

Family dinner

We had another family dinner last wednesday with Léo and Cynthia, they're in paris for a couple of days. It was so nice seeing them again after long six months :)
                                           Cynthia, Maruhya, Bibingclara, Claudebiko and Léo
When we have visitors, i usually prepare filipino dishes but i play safe and doesn't take any risks that maybe they would'nt enjoy the food that i am going to present on the table so i decided to cook two dishes as our main course :) Here's our menu that night :
Appetizer : Endives and Lumpiang gulay 
leaves of endives spread with cream cheese garlic and fine herbes flavor then top with italian dried smoked ham ( vinaigrette sauce in the middle )
                  lumpiang gulay ( sumpia with toge, carrots, shrimps and french beans)
with matching sawsawan ( toyo, suka, bawang, sibuyas at paminta )
Main course : Tinolang manok with lots of sayote and Beef rendang
Dessert : Cheesecake
Drinks : Rose wine and fruit juice
                                                          Endives with roquefort sauce 
         ( i've got an idea from a friend when she served her endives last time )
I am not a fan of endives before because i find it bitter but when you mixin it or dippin it in a sauce/cheese the taste is awesome ( no bitterness promise ). They both enjoy the appetizer, the spicy beef rendang and as well the less sugared cheesecake. We ended up our meal with a cup of coffee and a cup of tisane ( herb tea ) :)  

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