Sunday, March 17, 2019

Beer match

A simple thoughts for the beer lovers at Maruhya's brewery ;)))). Just finding out just right now these photos still on my archives. Oh how time's fly really fast as i didn't come back to relate a little here.
My life was really getting adventure, life etc.
Pick your favorite beer! sorry for the photos as they're taken with the old mobile phone
no.. no.. i am not desperada hahaha 
funny mark that found in the supermakert. chimay as we called informaly to femme de ménage
( been chimay for 8 years to get a part time job while learning my french, hard life! )
Pilsner Urquell - the best beer ever! 

Just cheering for the new beginning! I hope and wishing that i could do more updates here on Pinayfries regularly to relate my blah blah stories. Suddenly, thinking of Octoberfest but hey... i must wake up, we are still on March.  Rolling on for the beer lovers like me. Hmm... now suddenly thinking of making beer bread for St. Patrick. Will keep update and hope it's not too late. CHEERSSSS!!!!!! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Vivement Les Vacances!

One is enough. One word, one picture at a time.
Miyerkules Off Day, premier day, day of today
Au bord de Seine river ( droite ou gauche ) pick your place et c'est à toi de decider
One of the street art saw along butte aux cailles last time while choosing which and where to go among the restaurants around to dine in ay.. to dine out pala ;) ( been laz to cook, vacances ambience )
Apéro en solo! quench your thirst for Caipirinha made by Claudebiko time to cheers!

ET Vous? quand vous parterez en vacances???

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Ça passe si vite

Time flies so fast. We are almost end of June and summer vacation is nearly approaching. I am smelling the odor of summer break. L'air iodé... 3S's Sea, Salt and Sun! Summer timeeeeeeeee.
Unfortunately, i dont think i should be having my ME time during summer to pamper because my priority this year is to work, work and work as in 3 doubleU. Get it? And aside from that, i dont think i am ready to fit my maillot de bain coz till now, my weight doesn't drop. To flashback, i got down to 58kilos but that was 4-year ago. Recapping the food participation i attended too... monvoisincuisine, food festival and christmas bazaar. Baking and cooking à droite, à gauche as my principal past time. And lastly, the formation CAP Cuisine last year. C'est vraiment, vraiment difficile de perdre du poids. Looking back at those photos makes me drooling one more time! oh baby, baby.. ( hey, britney arrête! lol ) 
my supporters just like football team 2015  ( france, cambodge, philippines, peru and allemagne ) 
petit pois cake salé 
banana cake  
  fresh cocktail des fruits 
   Kushenera's angels food festival stade de la muette 2016 ( westernmate and franprixmate )
Bong he chives 
Gatang kalabasa 
Christmas bazaar at Boulogne with my sisterettes ( december 2017 )
sapin cookies
gingerbread man cookies
Formation CAP cuisine 2017 EREA Alexandre Dumas 
chef d'entreprise ou chef de cuisine? hmmm...
my best of the best sweet and sour pork and pomme duchesse à l'école
Now tell me, Diet or diet to be? hmm... let's wait on winter time. Tralalala.. lala.. it's the season to be jolly. Hmm... suddenly i am just thinking of my Adobo and Monggo. Oh là là............Just Drooling! 

Thursday, June 21, 2018

La vie en Pink

Pink is the new black! ( Ang kulay na itim ay hindi lamang sa pagluluksa at kulay na malungkot, ito ay "class" eleganté itim is beautiful ika nga )That was actually our theme last year, for our 10th edition of our Halloween Party of course, organized by yours truly. Pink Coding : Must come something with Pink yes, including underwear dress code : No pink, no entry lol
vitrine chez camaïeu
Basta! Pink make-up was obligatory. How about the food? 
nyay! solde eyeliner bought from Sephora 
The desperate make up artist 
Who says there is no life after death? I fully understand after watching Coco, the mexican bande dessinée movie. 
Our buffet Piggy pink ( cochon de lait skeleton style ) ordered from artisan boucher on the 12th dinuguan ( plat à base du sang du porc et l'abats ) aubergine rôti au four with bagoong ( shrimp paste ) dal ( lentil corail from fil-sri lankaise friend ) and the famous lumpiang sariwa ( filipino spring rolls made by my filipina friend )
my choco menthol voodoo cupcakes
pink framboise found the next day when i went to the open market! Bio et delicious! 
In real, my post for today is not all about halloween but of all the good vibes on it. Pink power! 
Girl power! WOMEN'S POWER. Women's day and Mother's day! two both historical for me.
 photo taken from vietnamese restaurant year back 2013
As an asian, i used to include my cooking techniques with asian touch. Rice, noodles or crêpes using rice in any form. 
my filipino lumpiang sariwa ( sigarilyas coconut milk sauce filling )
my version of lumpiang sariwa with beetroot juice ( rouleau de printemps ) 
My first try making at work. It had a success. Back to Pink indeed! I must also say,  GOODBYE Printemps and Hello SUMMER for KuSHEnera and Pinayfries more cooking adventures. N'est-ce pas? la vie en rose? SI

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Après la pluie, le beau temps

Hello 2018 !!!!!

There are so much things i have been missing in this blog that seems i abandon for ages.
So much things had happened for the last two years. I Been so very busy ( as usual ) when started my formation cuisine last year. Luckily, got my diploma : Hoooraaayyyy !!!!

Just wondering if am i going to start writing only the good news? of course, yes because i only wants good vibes and positive energy. Yes, you read it right baby!

First good news :  Baumkuchen cake ( layered cake ) i made for 8th Pinayfries blogsarry last november 2017 which i never posted because of lack of time. Eventhough, i would like to applause myself because making this layered cake needs lots of patients and time which i endured during the baking but i assure you guys that this was worth a try.

Favorite number? 8, 18, 28 or 2018?
Bluer than blue 
Second good news : I restarted of taking cooking/baking lessons left and right where i met beautiful people with a good heart. Eating and trying new gourmandise which not lend me into guilt is a cerise sur le gâteau. Result : I loose weight ( who says that wasn't a good news? ;) )
Last good news : Seeing colorful flowers, sun and feel la chaleur humaine are TOP! C'est normal, c'est le PRINTEMPS (",)

See you soon summer for the updated updates and more of my so called Blah blah blah!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hello 2016

Nag- he-hello lang! :)
March na pala ang bilis ng panahon! :)

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Year 2015 Recap

I know, i know ang dame ko ng utang magpapasko na at ito ang huling buwan ng taon. Maraming nangyari, naging busy at miningle-mingle ang time sa pagiging ulirang ina, part-timer worker, pagte-take ng short courses, pagluluto at pagbe-bake, kakakain at pag-e-exercise! hehehe Yes, you read it well!

Napagtanto ko na nakaka-anim na taon na itong aking blog na mangyaring na-abandon dahil sa kakulangan ng oras. Isang taong walang update, walang post, walang balita. As you can see, ito ang huling litraro na na-i-post ko sa FB. Sadyang kawali!
Pinayfries 6th year Blogsary 

Namnamin ang update mula laman hanggang buto! Aww! awww!!

Enero ; Ang unang buwan pag pasok ng taon na bumisita sa Paris kasama ang kanyang pamilya ang aking kaibigan na vietnamese na nanggaling pa mula sa Singapore. Syempre sila ay aking pinaunlak at pinaghandaan, as usual tuwing kame ay may bisita.
 Pork adobo with hard boiled eggs and potatoes
Pebrero ; Nag-umpisa akong mag diet. Ang tinatawag na 3-day diet na matagal ko ng ginagawa nuon pa sa Pinas. Ang hirap! pero ang bilis ng pagbaba ng timbang at epektibo. Pebrero din nag-umpisa ang pagpintura at pag renovate ng aming sahig at pagpalit ng kama to loft bed.
 our mezzanine ( mag-isa lang di Claudebiko na nag tayo nyan )
Marso ; Abay nag-pa bollywood brunch ako nyan kunwari gagalaw at sasayaw pero pag tapos pag-pawisan lafanggggg!!!
 Pares ( first time ko gumawa but masarap at sulit )
Abril ; Kaibigang bumisita sa bahay na matagal naming di nakita, nagprofit umorder ng cake so pick-up ang order ng pastries ko at sabay dinner with us :)
 Chicken a la king ( love namin ito at pede na raw pang restaurant )
Mayo ; Hulog ng langit at merong nagbibigay samin ng isda ilang ulit at ilang beses. Siya ay nangingisda by pleasure at kame naman ang taga-kain bless him! mahal ang isda dito kaya naman thankful kame sa kanya.
 Ginataang isda with lots of pechay and french beans
Hunyo ; Walang okasyon, naisipan ko lang na mag-luto at mag-imbita ng kaibigan medyo maganda at mainit-init na ang weather kaya naman habang merong kainan meron ding daldalan at the same time.
what you see is not rice, it was wheat grain for a change ;)
Hulyo ; Kame ay nasa Pilipinas at ang aming munting handa at salo-salo sa lugar na aming inupahan. Di na kame nagkaroon ng time masyadong magluto o mag dine out kaya naman sa tulong ng aking kapatid siya ay nag-adobong halo. 
Chicken and Pork adobo na manamis-namis ng aking one and only bro
Agosto ; Nasa Manila pa rin kame nyan at nothing can stop me sa pagluluto lalo na't merong grocery store nearby of course instead na kumain at lumabas sa restaurant i prefer na magluto.
I cooked them all except from boneless bangus na pinirito ng aking lil sistah
Setyembre ; Pagkatapos ng ilang linggo sa Pinas, pasukan ng buwan ng setyembre at ang unang bisita, ang aming kaibigan medyo inspired magluto at syempre filipino dish pa rin :)
Sinarsahang baka with friend rice 
Oktubre ; Natapos ang pasukan, pag-asikaso ng mga gamit sa eskwela at pag re-register sa mga extra scolaire activities. Nag-birthday ang aking mga siblings. Nagbirthday din si Claudebiko, and his son na kaparehong date sa pagkamatay ng aking biyenan na babae na nanay ni Claudebiko. Naumpisahan ko na ang aking project na magluto para sa pagbebenta ng pagkain thru internet. Ito ang naging photo shooting for the first time inumpisahan ko sa apat na dish to validate my menu. Of course, me taster one and only nga lang so yung tira kinain naminnnnn.
first photo shoot of
Nobyembre ; Ang taon-taon na ginaganap na Halloween party sa bahay. Syempre nagluto at nagprepare ako ng mga foods comme d'habitude. Worst friday the 13th ang sumalpak sa france dahil sa terrorist at maraming nasawian ng buhay at isa na ang kaibigan ng anak ni Claudebiko. Luksa at lungkot ang naramdaman. Nakakapunit ng puso ngunit dapat bumangon at maging matatag. Life must go on ika nga.
katakyut food on the table by yours truly
Disyembre ; Aking birthday month, at ang pinakahihintay na kapaskuhan. Busy sa pagbe-bake, pagbabalot ng regalo at kung ano-ano pa. Syempre nagbunga din ang aking effort, dahil month of december din nag-umpisa ang tanggap ko ng order thru internet ng mga lutong pagkain. Pag me tiyaga, me tocino este nilaga pala. 
The Culinary Talent of 13th Arrondissment, Maruh
Kung me Pabebe girl, Pastillas girl abay me Tocino girl din. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

PinayFries at 5

After 7 months, yay! nakapag-post na din ako at advance pa hihi. Would like to greet ang aking Pinayfries sa kanyang 5th blogsary ( oo bukas pa Nov. 11 ) Ohh là ang bilis! ang bilis ng panahon nakaka-five na pala ang naabandon kong ka blogblogan. To pardon me, hayaan mong kantahan kita ng happy birthday hehehe....
Happy blog day to you, happy blog day to you , happy blogggg day happy blog day...
Happy Birthday to you ......wheww blow the candle! ihip na until next time! just i thought, i merite to eat a cake huh (^^)

Friday, April 25, 2014

Be in my shoes

So rare to us having identical clothes unlike other mom-daughter who loves to dress the same thing. I only remember we just only have same "kapote" --raincoat in pink and that's it. But sapatos? yeah we have 2 pairs in common :)
 the low cost snow boots lol and " les chaussettes épaisses "
and pang- harabas sneaker --- all from sports shop, decathlon
Ready to footloose :)

Betty boop finds 2013 and debut of 2014

I saw betty boop bag in La Halle boutique when i was in search of Bibingclara's pair of summer shoes.
even im so addicted i didn't buy it :( i find it a bit expensive for this type of bag
 spotted Ms B with Eiffel tower when i was inside the bus ..
 betty perfume spotted when i was with my friend looking something to buy for our kiddo's yes, it was in a charity shop, croix rouge ( red cross ) i cannot remember which arrondissement :(
 betty boops pasalubong from our parisian friend
 betty boop earrings offered by my kumare cute noh?
 betty boop chaussons i purchased in brittany for Bibingclara but not fits with her ;( they're too small
 betty boop personalized cake toppers ( for my birthday cake ) purchased over the internet from :)
 bedroom slippers from carrefour supermarket
 betty boop sticker good buy from brocante boutique in the neighborhood purchased for 0.30 cents
purchased in the same boutique --- phone case for about just a €