Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Sunday - Sorina's 50th Birthday Celebration

It was 50th birthday celebration of our friend Sorina last sunday. It was held in the restaurant wherein she had 50+ invites. We had karaoke and photo booth that night inside the restaurant.
the birthday celebrant busy cutting her cakes
we arrived at 7pm, the banner for photo booth was already prepared
 we got a souvenir family "cowboy" photo. we bring home about 6 pcs copies with different pose this one was my favorite!
my bibingclara posing near food :) i remember she only ate one fried spring roll and 2 pcs of buchi as dessert she had no appetite at all as she was always busy in the photo booth for the photo session :)
 i made four batches of cheesecake for my friend's birthday
 one with her photo on top which i ordered from This was not my first time ordering personalized photo for cakes this was actually the second time, after i ordered betty boop photo for cake for my birthday last december.
 my kumare making faces while serving cakes :)
HaPPY Birthday Sorina! et Merci pour le dinner (",)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Egg hunting, April fool's day and all chocolates: 2013 and 2014

Oh my goodness! it really seems like i abandon my blog! i haven't been posting since we came back from vacation but wait i have a quick post from yesterday's "Lundi de Pâques" ( Easter ) and some more pictures to share from last year's easter season.
egg hunting organized by the association in our neighborhood and it was held on the 1st April 2013
chocolate eggs ... from daughter's school
and some offered by friends..
want some? pick your choice and get a surprise!
Bibingclara's coloriage posted inside bakery in our neighborhood
Fish be with u ---- Our fish of the day on April fool's day
Bibingclara's first egg hunt
her bonnet's full of colorful eggs
reward -- chocolate!
and more chocolates!
Easter Sunday - what a great fun dying easter eggs, good thing i found white eggs in the grocery normally we only have brown eggs in most supermarket. I bought six pieces to give a try. The idea got from the internet.
 she was really excited ...
 funny creme de chantilly - whipped cream  ha ha ha!
 we have no food coloring in powder so we use liquid ones and i let Bibingclara dropping
 wish it would work... patience, patience
voilà! hmm... next time will make it more colorful we haven't soaked enough our eggs that's why the result becomes like that. Next time, more whipped cream and we will make dark colors.I actually planned to eat the eggs one per day hehehe
The next day, we make our own Easter chocolates.
 she got so much excited to make chocolate candies
 the chocolate molds purchased long time ago
 we just melted black chocolate, we didn't put any filling
 taste test
 chocolates are ready!
Yesterday afternoon, Bibingclara participated in the most awaited yearly egg hunting of course, organized by notre quartier 13.
 i followed Bibingclara while she was chasing up eggs
 i saw yellow one!
 and she picked up...
 her small hand bag full of eggs
 her fav color! green
 time to fill the box
 the egg hunters
 lining up for the reward
they all got lapin en chocolat :)
Until next year's, Easter chocolate madness (",)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lakas tama

Sinong excited? ako? di halata sinukat ko lang yan at hiniram sa isang kaibigan dahil malapit na kameng mag- go away vacation. Lakas ng trip pero ok lang baka makuhang model.
thank u sa friend ko for the photo.. ito ay sa gilid ng daan patawid sa avenue de france
Oh pano sigaw na ba ako ng Darna? Harharhar

February Bday Celebrant ( last year ) boohoo

I had a call from a friend who has a birthday today yeahh todayyyy she was actually inviting us on saturday to her little birthday bash but unfortunately we can't come. So in revenge, i will post her bday celebration last year where i was present. Let's start with the birthday pancit :)
the usual handa kapag me birthday long life daw :)
and sari-saring dessert pagkatapos ng "lamon" as in lamon talaga hindi kain hahaha tell me pano ba pumayat? ang sagot -- wag umattend ng birthday hahahaha
the birthday girl in pink next to me ...
Happy birthday! Bawi nalang ako next time and as i promise, gagawa kita ng cake pagbalik ko na okei? 

February bday celebrant 2013 and 2014

Oo nga it has been a year again! these photos were uploaded since long time but without any text kaya naman, when i got a chance to review it, i post it right away at me bonus dahil doble pa. i think magiging madalas ang pagpo-post ko ng mga entry mula nung last year pa. Patawad talaga (",) (",) (",) unahin na nating ang february celebrator ang bunsong anak ni Mama Pat :)
mabubusog kayo sa pagtingin ng mga yummy foods na inihahain ng mga mama-mamahan namin tulad nalang nitong fresh lumpia
roasted pork
the eaters
food on the table na i cant enumerate dahil busy na rin akong kumakain
kutchinta kayo dyan
at ang homemade squash bread ni Mama Pat
Happy Birthday!!!
my plate of desserts
caught in the act ... eating her favorite brazo des mercedes de Mama Ghud's so good talaga
Last sunday, we had been invited to the real date of Mama pat's daughter we were 20 persons just imagine a long table kudo's to mama pat's courage for her food prepping and the table setting was superb!
plates has name tags
 i love this stuffed courgette
 chicken dish filled with noix de cajoux -- i just took few photos of the food in fact, there were other dishes i missed picturing
 moi and the sister's ( our two momma's )
 cake blowing can't count the candles???
assorted chocolates! Bibinclara feasted on this
our simple gift to the birthday celebrant --- assorted bangles bought from sunday market
Next post, another birthday celebrator of february :)