Friday, April 25, 2014

Betty boop finds 2013 and debut of 2014

I saw betty boop bag in La Halle boutique when i was in search of Bibingclara's pair of summer shoes.
even im so addicted i didn't buy it :( i find it a bit expensive for this type of bag
 spotted Ms B with Eiffel tower when i was inside the bus ..
 betty perfume spotted when i was with my friend looking something to buy for our kiddo's yes, it was in a charity shop, croix rouge ( red cross ) i cannot remember which arrondissement :(
 betty boops pasalubong from our parisian friend
 betty boop earrings offered by my kumare cute noh?
 betty boop chaussons i purchased in brittany for Bibingclara but not fits with her ;( they're too small
 betty boop personalized cake toppers ( for my birthday cake ) purchased over the internet from :)
 bedroom slippers from carrefour supermarket
 betty boop sticker good buy from brocante boutique in the neighborhood purchased for 0.30 cents
purchased in the same boutique --- phone case for about just a € 

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