Saturday, February 26, 2011

Family dinner at home

Napakadalang when we have family visitor sa bahay. And usually kapag me bisita it is always on the family side of Claudebiko the last time was last year month of november. Ang pamangkin ni hubby who spent holiday in france who came home and had dinner with us :)
                          Claudebiko, Pedro and Bibingclara ( it's me who took the photo )
Of course, i am promoting filipino dishes ( naks! ) and let them taste my home cooked meals. Last monday, we also had visitor, Claudbiko's cousin and his wife. They're also from france but they spent little days in Paris. We had a wonderful dinner together with mega chika. I haven't had the chance to take photos because i was busy in the kitchen but promise! ang food presentation ko ay winner! so here's the menu:
Aperitif - Porto, Boy bawang spicy and garlic flavor ( hahaha we called it mais soufflé here mala popcorn and dating ) bagel pretzel, chips and fried sausages with lemongrass ( pika-pika / amuse gueule )
Entree - Lumpiang shanghai ( i served it with bed of crispy lettuce and mint leaves on the side mega nem ang dating )
Main course - Adobong manok, Steamed rice ( na nilagyan ko pa talaga ng pandan leaves ), Boiled pechay and Okra on the sides
Dessert - Suman malagkit, Mini cassava cake and Mini square cheesecake
Drinks - Tubig and Red wine
                                           Claudebiko, Bibingclara, Francis, Dominique and I
                    ( yipeee i am in the photo because we set our camera into self-timer )
What a big mistake not to share the chocolates that they had offered to us while we're having a cup of tea after our good meal ( i forgot ) so the next day, i feasted the forgotten chocolates with a cup of coffee :)
                                                                 coffee and chocolates
chocolates in every shape
They're so many choices so i have to get my pick and read the chart wondering if i can figure out a chocolate with liquor filling! Ahhhh chocoholicssss :)

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