Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our dinner date at Pizza restaurant

Month of love is not over yet. On the 14th of february i've got a red rose from my loving husband minus chocolate as he is saying masyado na akong mataba kakakain ng sweet! "loko" minarder daw ako. And because i am not really into flowers obviously wala akong flower vase sa bahay and as you can see i put my rose to an empty rhum bottle :)
my red rose
Aside from the betty push cart, a red rose i have got from Claudebiko as a valentines gift, he also treated us ( his 2 lovely girls ) to our favorite pizza restaurant few days later ( para makabawi di ako nabigyan ng sweets eh ) 
my two frenchy while waiting the waiter 
my little girl who was so impatient for her bambino meal
I haven't took any photos of our food nor myself ( kasi di na ako kasya sa lens ng camera joke! ). We ordered what we usually order from this restaurant but this time because we are with Bibingclara of course, dessert will be the biggest part of her meal so we ordered 2 scoops of ice cream for her ( chocolate and strawberry ) oh how she loves their italian ice cream and for me, i had tiramisu but i just only eat a small part because my gourmande daughter almost eated everything. Hubby and i drunk almost 1 liter of white italian wine ( medyo nalasing ako ng konti at umikot ikot ang paningin ) good match to our spicy pizza and white creamy with mushroom pasta. To ended up our meal, before billing out we ordered two cups of expresso and the expresso comes up with two little chocolates on the side na si Bibingclara din ang tumira hehehe ohh la! i regret of having coffee kasi that night di ako nakatulog at i had heavy stomach pain nag rumble ang tiyan ko dahil sa ininom kung pagkadami- daming quantity ng wine. umm.. a lesson! next time i will avoid drinking too much and specially coffee at night :)

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