Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A lovely gift

Last friday, what a surprise to see a lovely gift from Claudebiko. I was actually outside and planning to do food shopping that day. He was back home earlier than me so he sent me an sms saying " Mahal, can you come home straight coz something is waiting for you it is a surprise" then i think asking myself " huh, surprise? maybe i've got an official mail, an appointment waiting for my nationality application?, maybe i've got a nice package, a letter, a greeting card from family, a new phone? huh whatever!there are so many things running in my head and because of curiosity, i went hurriedly home. And when i get home, dyaraannnn.....
                                                   Betty boop cart waiting in the living room
                                                 ( an early valentine's gift from Claudebiko )
I never think that it was Betty boop! I was so very happy to have Betty boop cart. It is very accessible! What a good timing because i used it the same day when i do my shopping. No big effort of carrying heavy loads each time i make my buying just pushing, pushing voilà and roll and roll and roll my nice betty trolley :)

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