Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Extra Betty

Just been excited this morning, i went to search my betty figurine no.30 but hey, reminding that it'll be for next wednesday. Oh yeah, i forgot! i must wait! in the magazine store, i found out betty boop small notebook with a pen on it but i haven't purchase it coz i found it too expensive for 9.99 euros hellow it is not all worthy :(
                                                       Betty boop address book for 3 euros
                                              betty bedroom slippers for 7.99 euros
When frustrations come when not having my betty on time, i tend to buy some other betty items that i can easily find in the store like the address book above that i purchased in Ile de ré souvenir shop and a pair of bedroom slipper that bought from carrefour supermarket. Well, well, well, in any color or in any shape i am very happy to have my betty boop items basta sila ay in good at affordable prices :)

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