Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sweet kisses

We have the same likes 'Chocolates & Kisses' remembering the first Bibingclara's gourmandise on chocolate as we have been sharing each unforgettable bites kahit wala pa syang ngipin :) ( Hubby's gift for valentines a big heart shaped chocolate from Jeff de bruges with personalized message "mahal kita" ) Oh how sweet! Silly mama, at her age chocolate isn't allowed yet! well, it's just for the sake of photo hihihi unfortunately, she gets the habitude of eating chocolate now a cause of my influence ( sweet tooth ) but luckily to say she consume or eat chocolates only in a minimal quantity :)
                                           Bibingclara's first valentine's day at 7 month's old
When there are no chocolates to be share, we would be contented kissing each other! yeah, my husband needs to admit that i've got more kisses from our daughter than him ( ikaw ba naman ang magpa breast feed for over a years for sure super close kayo ) nyay! :)
                                                           lucky mama loads of kissess
My daughter is into kisses she likes kissing even if i don't ask. When i ask her " Anak, bakit mo ako hinalikan? she will replied " Kasi mahal kita!" Wow! that's so sweet! It shows that Bibingclara is sweeter than any other chocolate so i could live without breaking any chocolate basta i would get loads of sweet kisses from my lovingly daughter. Naks! love you nak! :)

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