Friday, December 4, 2009

I was craving for a meal with Coconut Milk

I just want to try something new coz i am fed up of cooking shrimps with gata, tilapia with gata  (na naman???) over and over hehehe

 I was searching on the internet till i found a recipe of Lamb with coconut milk. I dont have lamb ready so i changed my mind and decided to make it next time.

Good thing i found a recipe from my favorite food blog of ms. connie veneracion. The dish name called     "Beef Rendang"

Beef rendang is now become our favorite!! Claudebiko can eat it even just the sauce.

Below is my beef rendang the difference is i cannot make the right color of the sauce its because of the spices i used (maybe i have to add more anatto seed next time to attain the good color)

This time i used rib steak, i made two batches of beef rendang so we can enjoy more!!

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