Monday, March 7, 2011

Pasalubong from Ate and Kuya

Each time Bibingclara's kuya léo and ate cynthia arrives expect that she has plenty of gifts and that's traditional hehehe. It was a great chance that night to play with her ate and kuya. The spoiled brat can get anything, can play anything even their camera :)
                                                     the couple and the young photographer
Bibingclara off to bed a bit later, she was tired and sleepy but still looks so happy for what she have got as pasalubong from ate and kuya :)
9 gifts 
Barbie watch with egg chocolate
Barbie water bottle with egg choclate
Duck stuff toy
Checkered long shirt
Dora panties
Dora hand wash
Round snack box
Long plastic mug
and a pair of rain boots ( Cynthia had to return it back the size is too small )
With all those gifts, who wouldn't be too much excited? Lucky Bibingclara! Thank you Ate and kuya :)

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