Wednesday, March 2, 2011

There's always something to celebrate

Last saturday, we had our dinner at our friends house, sorina and cléo. Claudebiko accompanied sorina to buy their new television. To make the story short, they experienced a lot of waiting and unconveniences while they're in the shop. And it comes to a point that they had to see the superior for some blah blah blah ( complain ) the manager was good enough when speaking and handeling customer complains according to hubby, and for some reason the manager offered them a bottle of champagne! :)
                       a bottle of champagne courtesy of Darty  ( pampalubag loob hehe )
Hubby helped her installing the tv ( patungan nalang ang kulang ) she was happy for her new television and then after that, of course the celebration begins...eating time!!!
                                                sorina's roasted pork with prune and potatoes
                                                    cléo's baked salmon with teriyaki sauce
fruit salad 
Yummy foods! sorina let me tasted the anchovies in the bottle ( grabe ang sarap sa mainit na kanin ) she said that it is also best na kainin with hard boiled egg. Napasubo sa kain ang lola ang dami kong nakain na rice :) pati ang tira ni Bibingclara ay inubos ko ( sayang eh ) At ang the best na dessert ay ang fresh fruit salad ( napakatiyaga maghiwa ng gumawa kudos ) busog, busog, busog ang family bordage! Merci les tata's na talagang me talent sa kusina :) 

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