Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Suman cassava

I am still in the mode of making suman. I thought of making cassava suman just using the recipe when making cassava cake . No research had been made! i just go directly in the kitchen and do the suman cassava, hmm we'll see how it will gonna turn out :)
i do still have left over banana leaves in the fridge and for the recipe on how i made the mixture, just turn to cassava cake recipe :)
     wrap it like a usual suman promise! if you're not habitually this is really a mess :)
i know that i'll be sicking of wrapping my suman over and over in the end, so i put the remaining mixture in the round baking tray.
                  5 pcs wrapped cassava suman will be ready for boiling for 45 minutes
I chose not to take photo of my suman because it was very soft and stickyyy. The cassava mixture i put in the baking tray cooks as a normal yummy cassava cake and the suman well, edible but messy to eat because so malagkit and malabsa :) 

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