Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas time

Christmas tree is up and of course, as usual we get our medium size christmas tree from Ikéa. We payed our christmas tree for 20 euros and the day we purchased it, they gave us ( right away ) a gift card that valued 19 euros. That means we only payed a euro for the christmas tree that we have got. In return of that, we must return used christmas tree ( after the holiday ) in a designated places. I like what Ikéa do each year. They sell christmas tree for nothing ( though it is a marketing strategy ) by that way, people encourage to participate into recycling ( as a part of the campaign ) and that's very good :)
 ikéa gift card ( i have already in my mind what to purchase next in Ikéa ;) )
 our christmas tree yeah i know, i know i must add more colorful ornaments
if there's no Ikéa christmas tree ( for one euro ) i dont think we could buy one ( so expensive in a store even a super small size fresh xmas tree ) i'd rather buy an artificial one like what i bought 3 years ago, a mini cutey xmas tree that i could only display on the table or over the fridge in the kitchen :)
Super excited Bibingclara! She's helping me decorating our home for the upcoming christmas party.
Christmas is near! It is already christmas in our house. What is fun of having christmas tree is, decorating it with a kid and whats more exciting is to see gifts around it. Speaking of gifts, i am not still making my wish list. I dont think i'll be making one. I am not wishing for any material thing this year. Not any :)

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