Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Purchase card

We returned back our fresh christmas tree to ikéa and we have got our purchase card in return amounting 19 euros right away. We headed straight to ikéa store to purchase and use it. I bought some glass baking dish for me for my baking needs and we also purchased accessories for Bibingclara's lutuan. Expense was the trick of this purchase card hehehe but we also made a trick for Bibingclara because all items we had purchase from there was coming from her lola as christmas gift to her. Her lola can't manage to go buy and shop gifts that's why she just told us to buy things for her apo :)
                                                               purchase card voucher
                                                           Biggie gifts from her lola "kuno"
                                     approved! she was so very happy for her new kitchen tools
thanks lola and father santa :)

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