Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Betty in the room

I have still missing the arrival of my betty figurines. I got no more time of blogging for the past last of weeks and didn't put any entry for my lovely betty. For now, i would just love remenishing while tranferring my betty items from our room ( that would soon to be room of our unica hija ) to it's proper places :)
                                              betty bags and betty suitcase hanging on the wall
                                                                 betty room temperature
                                                 betty wall decoration, socks, undies and caps
betty night shirts, t-shirts and shorts
betty trash bin 
They're all lovely! but for the moment i had to sort out all those betty items and put them in the box temporarily. It will helps my closet gets lighter and easier to move when we'll do the room renovation. Will miss you betty hugh dont be worry will see you soon! again! :)

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