Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Free box

Freebox is our internet provider for years. Goodbye to our old one that needs to be well packed before returning it back :)
                                                                      old freebox
                                                                is't free the box?
Hello to the new Freebox revolution- internet+telephone+televesion!!! I do not know much about free but all i know is it's free hehehe joke! when it comes to free its only Claudebiko you can ask for free! because he is always free! so feel free! We are so happy with our new FREEBOX where we can call "free" in many countries :)
                                                            freebox player ( looks so class )
                                                        freebox server 
                                         ( only claudebiko can manage all those messy visible wires ) 
What are you waiting for? Subscribe na for a free :)

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