Monday, January 24, 2011

Dining at Japanese restaurant

Hubby's late treat for my birthday! We do not dine out frequently because i used to home cooked meals ( usually filipino dishes ) and if we get a chance of dining out ( for a change ) we off to asian restaurants. I saw there was a newly-opened korean and japanese restaurant along the area so i asked Claudebiko to try :)
                                                 my excited daughter while waiting our order
               i ordered always the same thing that includes japanese salad and miso soup
                               Bibingclara and i enjoyed the sushi ( cooked tuna and avocado )
                                                                    assorted skewers
                                   ( meatballs, chicken, beef and cheese, pork, duck and beef )
ang winner sa lahat for Bibingclara ay ang kanyang coconut ice cream with chocolate filling!
The service in the restaurant is not as good as i expected. Babalik? no, definitely not! ang tagal ng service! one year ang waiting! and nakalimutan yung inorder kong korean rice noodles for Bibingclara. Di ata ako naintindihan nung server pati ang billing out ang tagal. Bad trip! ala pang high chair so we had to keep Bibingclara eating on our lap. Ang pangalan ng restaurant ay "Sukoshi" so "suko" talaga kame will not come back anymore! Goodbye! hmp!

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