Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas in our house

I've got my first xmas card from my aunt who live in Vietnam last week. Christmas is around the corner! We experienced a big snow last tuesday ( 10 centimetre using our measuring tape ) and we played a lot in our balcony. I've also made some video while we were playing ( that's Claudebiko's request ) what a shame coz i can't make our own snowman ( ang hirap pala and i can't tolerate ang lamig sa kamay kahit na i was wearing gloves ) Bibingclara was so very happy! We were so happy! :)
                                                             Mother and daughter santa's
Our christmas tree
We also decorated our first christmas tree last wednesday. Last year, we decided not to buy one kasi Bibingclara was too little and di pa nya masyado ma appreciate but now we've got one at ang resulta ay double "kunsumi" pasaway while putting ornaments kasi merong mga chocolates so Bibingclara doesn't want na isabit and ang gusto nya kainin ang decoration ng christmas tree at ito pa ang isa, si Mia ay non-stop na hinahablot lahat ng mga nakasabit at umaakyat sa puno hehehe double pasaway talaga! Unfinished xmas decor a cause of our two little makulits but christmas ambience started already in our house since last week nana na na la la la la la :) 

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