Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday treat

Wednesday- a mother and daughter's day! ( no nursery day ) so today we had a date! It was not so easy to plan where we can usually go but this morning we went to the filipino embassy to submit some papers ( translation ). Good thing walang masyadong tao so we finished earlier as i expected :)
                   a free guide book for the parents in paris distributed by the state
A guide book for the parents than can help to find where you can bring your children during no class day or during week ends so when you have kids and doesn't know where to go, this one can help :)
                                          an information book when child's start going to school
                                                      ( both are distributely free by the state )
a random pic of her wednesday treat 
an info leaflet about mcdo's food nutrition's list
Bibingclara requested that she likes to eat fries ( i haven't have yet my deep fryer so can't make home made fries ) so we headed up to the nearest mcdo. She just only want fries! French fries talaga! :)

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