Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cheese sticks

Ang instant mirienda na super daling gawin. Na-miss ko ito nung nasa pinas pa ako ito ang usual mirienda nung nasa Grace village pa kame sa Quezon City. Napakadaling gawin pero nung nasa pinas pa ako mas madaling bumili kesa mag deep fry nito hehehe
you will need:
lumpia wrappers ( about 20-25 pieces )
half of red bell pepper cut into sticks
1 box of cheddar cheese cut into sticks
cooking oil
lay the lumpia wrapper get a stick of cheese, a stick of bell pepper then roll and fold it to seal then deep fry into very hot cooking oil.
voilà les cheese sticks
Drain, place on a plate ( use paper towel to remove excess oil ). Dip in a ketchup or Mayo-ketchup combi dipping. Enjoy! I want BEER!!!! lol

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