Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The princesses

It has been a long time since i wanted to blog about disney princesses, got a chance now of blogging it because it is kinda related to what i offered as birthday present to my real princess. I am at home mom and spent almost all the time with my daughter. Since she has no more nursery ( vacation time ) no other kids to play with her except me ( ayaw ko ng sundan sya ). At home we play whenever she wants ( she doesn't  want to play alone so kelangan syang laruin ) you can she her toys everywhere and i noticed that she almost have loads of items from disney princesses. We are not collectioning princesses nagkakataon lang! I guess these princesses from disney are super hit to every little girl. Actually, i offered a disney princess piano to my Bibingclara because when i checked out the toy store it is the only piano toy which has a good quality and nice look ( will post next time ). I gathered some of princesses items that Bibingclara has at home and here they are :)
castle of princesses in our balcony from ate elodie ( it was her toy when she was still little and she passed it on to Bibingclara ) kung me prinsesa syempre kelangan ng palasyo right? :)
                           princesses bag from ninang erosalyn ( a baptismal gift )
                                 princesses swimsuit from last year's summer
      heart shaped princesses coin bank from tata amy ( a valentine's gift )
princesses sandwhich pack from ate Cynthia ( a belated christmas present )
princesses mini doll from Ophée  a present when she visited Paris last april
princesses magnet as game giftaway
   princesses keychain from ninang tata ella ( a christmas gift 2-year ago )
Bibingclara get fascinated on princesses mini doll since she got one from her tata Ophée ( she gets occupied of putting her princesses getting dress and undress hehehe ) i thought then of buying her another princesses mini doll with accessories. But hey, i understand na ang mahal pala nito just for a simple laruan  naisip ko teka me tatak kasi that's why :(
ang huling princesses mini doll
I learned that disney is disney hehehe the recent princesses Bibingclara had ( less expensive ) ay yung princess lobo  and then yung pinaka-last na talaga yung princess piano na inoffer ko imagine 40 euros. I am not complaining bihira lang kasi akong bumili ng laruan kaya kapag gumastos na sha-shock sabi nga nila kapag mahal mo walang presyo. I thought of piano because Bibingclara can't stop bugging me since long time to buy her tambol so ayun napunta ako sa disney piano mas less ang noise at pati ako nakiki-Piano rin double purpose hehehe :)

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