Friday, April 29, 2011

My princess

My princess has grown up! She can ride on a carrousel without mama beside her :)
                                                 taken in a big carrousel in front of Eiffel tower
                                                        she smile everytime i took photos
She know what she wants and she can tell what she doesn't want! She can also get ice cream whenever she wants ( over power ) :)
           taken in front of place trocadero where we meet her tata giang's for pictorial
inside mcdo at place d'italie
My princess can have anything, when she wants to eat chicken in KFC and fries in Mcdonalds we always say YES! my princess has really grown up! no more peepee at night because she goes to the toilet directly. When there's something wrong, she would tell us just like yesterday mid-night she can't sleep and moaning about her right ear that ends us up calling an emergency doctor. She had an earache inflammatory but everything is ok now and she gets proper medication. She is big now, except when she see a doctor because she could still cry and cry :)

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