Thursday, September 30, 2010

Belle vie, Belle fleur

What a nice feeling kapag nakakakita ako ng mga bulaklak nakaka change ng mood. I remember na ang panganay naming kapatid na si ate marifel ay napakahilig sa bulaklak. When she's still in school and during that time she will surely covered all her notebooks with flower prints. As what i remember her favorite flower is rose. Ako naman favorite ko din ang mga bulaklak lalo na't pag kulay pula. One day, on our way driving ( with my sister-in-law ) he asked Claudebiko to dropped by in the fields where there are lots of coquelicot /poppy flowers. She wanted picturing coquelicots. She got loads of shots from her camera and i took some photos too.
field of poppy flowers ( coquelicot )
Walking near the port, i saw another beautiful flower and i asked Claudebiko if he knows the name of it. He doesn't know too so by curiousity, he asked the man who's standing in front of the house ( maybe the owner ) and he answered " c'est la fruit de la passion " 
En route, going to the beach  my sister in law saw the usual flower in Ile de ré named rose trémières but this one is different. Usually, they're pink, red, white some are in yellow. She took photos and i took some photos as well ( gaya-gaya hehehe )
It was my first time to see hollyhocks with its dark color. Parang ang lungkot i can describe na parang masyadong dark na maroon, na medyo me pagka brown na medyo maitim na di mo ma explain hehehe
rose trémière de l'île de ré
Of course, every flower has its own symbol and meaning buti nlang nagkalkal ng baul ang auntie ni Claudebiko at natagpuan ang lumang playcards ng mga bulaklak at ibinigay ke Bibingclara nung pumasyal kame nuon sa kanila. Hindi ko masyadong alam lahat ng mga bulaklak so by looking at those little cards nalaman ko ang ilang mga names ng mga bulaklak na nakikita ko pero di ko alam how they're name.
                                                                       flower cards
30 different types of flowers pero eto lang ang mga natandaan ko 
muguet - lily of the valley
lis -lilly
pensée -pansy
jacinthe -hyacinth
lilas - lilac
Bibingclara's at play 
Si Bibingclara super busy, tinatandaan nya lahat. Magaling na bata! kayang-kaya eto ng memory nya. Beautiful life! beautiful flower :)

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