Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh My Ate

An abusive tricycle driver charged us P300 when he droves us going to my ate's place. The area is not so far from the town to charge us at that rate. They're abusively demands higher also when you are with foreigner. Anyway, that's life "Taxycle" exists.
                                   A family of four occupies a small room
My Ate is Polio and she got it when she was still little. Life has been so hard for her. She has 4 children's ( 2 girls and 2 boys ) Buti naman natali na sya :) Her 2 girls lives in Manila now with our other sister because Ate cannot handle the life they are having a cause of the poverty.

                                                            Ang mag hipag
                                                     Ang mag inang nilalamok na
When we arrived it was already late and Bibingclara has just woke up from a nap. Medyo nahihilo pa ata si Bibingclara. Super lamok that night! Pinapapak ang aking paa buti nlang lagi akong me baong Off lotion sa bag ( girl scout talaga si Mama )
I hired a wheelchair for my ate ( can be rented inside the mall same as push cart for kids) when we were at the mall because she gets easily tired of walking. What i like to my ate is, she is a happy woman whatever how hard life is, she never failed to smile, to say a joke, and to dance like a crazy one hehehe. We had a great time with them even if it just only a short time. We missed you all already :)

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