Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Visit in Pampanga

One of the place in our itenirary that we would like to visit is Pampanga. We've been in Pampanga for 3 days because we would like to visit my eldest sister who lives there and of course to do food tripping and taste the "kakanin" of Susie's Cuisine.
                                 We had our little tour by riding on a jeepney or tricycle
Instead of going to the hotel, my friend Sorina let us stay in her house during our stay in Pampanga.
                                            In front of Sorina's house
Very hot that day! But still the father and daughter still courageous to walk along the village. Me, i would have really like to hide myself! Wala akong payong ang init! The only thing i wanted is to stay at the house and eat Manggang hinog huh! Thanks to the parents of Sorina. Nanay and Tatay are very nice! Hinandaan pa kame ng Sari-saring Barbeque at me Zippo egg meal pa. Thanks for the hospitality :)
At dahil sa katakawan ko, di ko talaga pinalampas ang mga favorite kong kainin sa Susie's. I bought kakanin pinipig, ubeng halaya, macaroons, tocino del cielo, ensaymada, at malaking puto and brought them down to Manila. Good thing di sila napanis sa biyahe.  Hmm... ang sarap lahat! never mind the diet :)

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