Monday, April 19, 2010

Family drink

In Philippines, because of the hot weather you will always look for something to drink. A refreshing drink to satisfy your thirst. Each one of us has a favorite drink to freshen us up :)
 Claudebiko's San Miguel Beer to gets off from the daily wine drinks for a while we were still on a holiday. Zesto  drinks for me when fedding up of drinking fresh tropical fruit juices/shakes and it makes me remember my childhood memories "baon" of some tetra packs of Zesto in different flavors.
Yakult drinks for Bibingclara. Good thing because i can find Yakult here in the supermarket so i can buy regularly for her. She likes the taste of yakult and she can actually finish two little bottles in one sitting.
                       A big shopping bag ( i use when i buy vegetables from the market )
                           a small bag ( i use to put some of my kikay things )
                           a pouch with a zip ( i use to put our toiletries when we travel )
I have a passion about recycle thing, happy to find some recycle bags of Zesto tetra packs in the resort when we were in Mindoro. Got them for a reasonable price :)  So chic!

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