Monday, April 19, 2010

Miss Pinky and Miss Piggy

Meet Bibingclara's friends at home ... Meet Miss Pinky and Miss Piggy
I named it Pinky because this cutie dog looks really girly ( Cynthia's gift to Bibingclara ) Pink Piggy that makes noise "Oink! oink" walking and wiggling its tail ( i bought from kiddie shop purchasing it makes fun because this piggy show also on Einstein Dvd's that Bibingclara watched each day )
                        Kiko matsing (bought in Robinsons place manila)
            Tigrou ( little tiger ) (Claudebikos purchased at Sm baby care)
               and Pong pagong  ( a good buy from garage sale for 0.50 centimes )
She fondly call kiko matsing " Momo" a named given by her papa. Now, she neglected all her Babies :) she's into animals nowadays. They were all friendly animals! Bibingclara love them all! On her curiosity about animals, we went to the Zoo yesterday (sunday) and because of the good weather ( ang daming tao nahilo ako ) it was Claudebiko who looked after her all the day when were in Jardin des plantes after we passed the Zoo. 
playing on our way to jardin crossing the hospital 
 a photo i grabbed from the internet
                       a photo i've taken while Bibingclara and Claudebiko's walking the path
                                                          photos inside jardin
                                                              photos inside Zoo
Bibingclara enjoyed the most of her time and we spent all the day outside under the sun. hopefully the weather will be the same within the week. A productible family sunday for us :)

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