Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Daughters of my daughter

Ang mga anak ng anak ko (les filles de ma fille) having a child is not so easy eh what if kung apat ang anak mo? hehehe let me introduce the names of Bibingclara's doll (poupée)

Baby Elodie, Baby Clara, Baby Sucette, and Baby Bonnet

Bibingclara trying her best acting to be a best mom to her cutie dolls  kina career ang kanyang mga babies every morning she never failed to check them saying 'bonjour' and each night before bed time its a non stop "bonne nuit" and mega kiss talaga nya "bisous, bisous" i am very proud of Bibingclara she is growing up so fast (i am feeling getting older now huhuhu) 

Since her babies are growing they need a wide bed to sleep on we cannot fit all on our bed kasi tabi tabi kame as in mega siksikan! One day Claudebiko saw on the internet an announce that somebody's giving a toy  (its a website wherein they are giving/posting an advertising for the  things they didn't use anymore) like toys, clothes, home tools etc. etc...

He immediately asked for it thinking that thing would be perfect for his unica hija's doll  (we asked for it by writing thru this site) donnons


The lady given us a baby doll crib it is made of plastic and it's still in good conditon parang bago pa.

Its not our first time we've got things from this organization we also got Bibingclara's stroller that she used during our vacation last summer. I like those people kasi instead of throwing it they are giving/passing it through another people.

Another thing  is when my friend Cléo saw a push cart in the trash at the side of their apartment she took it home right away then  Bibingclara has that too to play with. Thanks Tata Clé :)

No damage! just need to wipe out a little then
ready to go to make her food shopping with her babies hehehe

She really enjoy playing with her dolls with all these toys

and lastly another one from her lola paulette a baby stroller(a gift when she had turned 1)

It's always good when its free :)

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