Monday, April 19, 2010

Kung Fu Massage

Massage is the only thing Claudebiko's wanting to pamper himself. Before, when we were newly-wed ( that was four years ago ) after a long tiring week from his work  i offered him a weekly massage ( usually every saturday ) but when the time i was pregnant, ( it was not possible for me to bend to do massage ) i lessened to offer him one.
                                        Massage on the beach last summer in Ile de ré
When we were in Philippines, he got the chance to have his massage almost everyday at the hotel ( they offer a free massage includes in our suite ). My friend Gigi ( a well trained in Hand spring ) has offer him one when we were in Valenzuela, He got some massage too at Body Tune ( where i trained to work before as a cashier but i refused to continue because of the not so nice ambience between the employees and superiors sm annex branch) each time we headed the malls. 
                Massage Oil that i bought from Philippines base of virgin coconut oil
( i bought a package with one normal size salonpas, w/ginger exctract, w/chili extract, ginger rub and tai chi ginger liniment for kids)
But now, i can do a normal massage sometimes a KUNG FU massage hehehe ( depends on my mood ) i mean if i am not still too tired from everyday routine ( daily household chores ) i can still offer a good massage to my 2 dearly love ones ( Bibingclara loves massage now and she begin to enjoy it! we have a daily routine to put some special oil on her skin with a light massage because of her eczema) The massage products above works good except from the salonpas that i haven't tried yet because we still have some salonpas patches ( from vietnam ) that my friend Giang gave me when she leaves france.

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