Monday, April 19, 2010

Baked Potatoes

The last time Claudebiko baked a large batch of Potatoes, he grilled some beef steak too for dinner. He is a fan of beef steak and more when its a good piece. He usually likes medium-rare cooked steaks. I can eat steaks too but not all the time ( we cannot afford to eat steaks everyday anyway hehehe )
Claudebiko's Baked Potatoes ( will share the recipes next time )
One of the biggest potatoes ( actually his part ) has spindle shaped art inside and we were on a doubt if it was good to eat it. I shared with him too, we ated but nothings happened :) it was still as yummy as good as normal pototoes. I was just remembering too when i was working in Cravings  robinson's place ermita, am totally amazed when the barista do an art thing unto Café latté
Something like this and they do some heart shaped art too on the latté
Hmm... now by posting this! I am craving for a Café latté a good combination to a Lemon cheesecake that i bought from the supermarket this morning. :)

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