Friday, April 16, 2010

Luto ni Claudebiko

I still remember when Claudebiko cooks. Yes, he rarely cook but when he was the one around in the kitchen, he's a perfectionist. He wants and he gives all his best to make a perfect food for me. Not all the time! hehehe because when cooking he has always have the difficulty of estimating quantities of the ingredients he's using just like me sometimes. Tyamba tyamba! I am not criticizing him, i do a lot of mistakes too when cooking. The classic complaints are kundi maalat sumobra sa pepper/poivres at saka ang tagal-tagal ( as in gutom na ako nang sobra bago sya matapos ) hehehehe :)
It's a fish dish that i cannot remember the name, he puts little Moutard de dijon / Mustard on top then he made it by putting in the oven. He does it for me when Bibingclara wasn't born yet 
When making Bouillon / Vegetable stock, Purée de patates / Mashed Potatoes, Des Pâtes / Pastas, Biftek / Beef Steak - i let his turn to cook them because he make those yummy meals better than me. In reality, Bibingclara loves her Papa's special soup.
           Yummy! Bé, i dearly hope that you will cook for tonight's dinner! I've got lazyness sickness once again Pls... pls.... :)