Sunday, May 9, 2010

May Day! Labor Day!

My first post for the Month of May. In french calendar, May is the month which has more of holidays.
 May 1 - Fête du travail / Labor day
La fête du Muguet / Lily of the valley day as well
May 8 - Jour de la victoire 1945 / WWII Victory day 
May 21 - L'ascension / Ascension
May 31 - Pentecôte / Pentecost
I still have loads of pending entries to be posted. i just get so busy being a housewife and mom for the past few days. A lot of things had happened. So many things to do and i know that i will be a lot more busier until the end of the month. We dont really think also that we can make it go off for a weekend ( countryside ) because we have got all the things to be prioritized first. First of all, and because its labor day! i would like to show up my betty laborers on my display glass ( good thing coz i made some quickly arrangement on the first range )
Singer,Nurse,Chambermaid,Police,Garagiste,Teacher,Cowgirl,Stewardess, Actress
( they're will be more and more soon as i completed all the collections )
On the 1st day of May, In france, they tradionally give flower of Lily of the valley believing that  gives luck and chance. I had the chance to have a nice Muguet given by our nice neighbor around the corner. I remember last year, i helped mother in law picking up all the Muguet that had grown at the backyard of her house last May. She had given all the Muguet we had picked to the nurses of the retired house.
                                                      Brin de Muguet / Lily of the Valley
It reminds of the smell of Sampaguita / Jasmin ( not as strong as the smell of sampaguita though ). This one is more cutey and whitey one. Have a great Lily day! ( mine gets dried now ) even if its too late for me, we can still enjoy by looking/smelling lilly of the valley the whole month of May. :)

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