Friday, April 30, 2010

Claudebiko's Winktionary

This is not for to criticize my husband. I just want to jot down all the funny words he had mistakenly said.I am not speaking perfectly french for now and sometimes in our daily conversation i do mistakes too. More when i pronounce it! ( french is a hard language and complicated ) when i speak or say tagalog words to Bibingclara she repronounce it with the same accent as his papa mostly words with H ( kapangpangan ata ang mag-ama ) hehehe kasi when they pronounce it walang H :)
                                                       My two french fries
Here are the words of the week ( talagang mapa pa wink ka ) :)

English :     Conversation
Kite - Skite - a kite in the sky
" mahal look at the skite" hehehe
Nose - Noise - a noise coming from the nose
" just because i have the pointed noise?" :)
Tagalog :    Conversation
 when he has not a lot of memories o nakalimutan he mistakenly said
Kandila - Kabila - other side of the candle
Salamis - Salamat - sweet thank you's
addition :
Kulamot - Kulangot

They can easily learn mostly when the syllable can be repeated. I had forgotten some but i will add more soon as  i remember them. Ang cute at ang kulit! :)

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