Friday, April 30, 2010

I Give All

Bibingclara has all the problems with her skin ( after chicken pox's and ezcema ) she got some spots and traces. Until now we continue to give her a treatment to bring back her soft and smooth skin.
                                          Amidon de blé - wheat starch
                                          Avéne huile corporelle - body oil
                                           Dexeryl - body cream
wheat starch - i put two tablespoon in her bathtub evey other day
body oil - twice a day morning and evening
cream - twice a day alternatively with the body oil

I apply oil or cream on her body by a little stroke of massage that she really enjoyed. The body oil has a good scent and non greasy i like it and i use it for me too because i have a very dry skin. It's effective and it can absorb easily on the skin ( a bit expensive but its ok ) Her skin gets better now except with the terrible itchiness and the red rashes ( on her face ) that can't still get off. Probably will see a doctor on Monday or maybe to call an appointment with the dermatology.

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