Sunday, May 9, 2010

A worst experience

May 2 Sunday - At the end of the afternoon, we had to call a service medical emergency (SAMU) to help us bring Bibingclara to the hospital. We get so paniqued because Bibingclara turned out so pale and nearly get unconscious. We doesn't know what to do! We called the emergency right away to help us and thank god 3 firemens arrived so quickly. Bibingclara got fever at 40. First, we had to put 5 wet face towels on particular parts of Bibingclara's body.They helped us to give the necessary first aid before heading up the hospital.
A hand glove that the fireman made into balloon to diverts Bibingclara's attention to him
It was very hard for 3 of us! Bibingclara gets afraid of everybody ( firemens,nurses and doctors ) yeah! normal! she gets more stressed than me. I must calm down as what they said to me when we were inside the emergency car. We arrived quickly at the hospital, they've do the necessary test and they took some blood for Bibingclara's blood test. We waited at the waiting area while Bibingclara still at play. We went home around 11:30pm the doctor have been told us to come back the next day to be able to know all the results of her test. At home, we settled down for a minute, Bibingclara still in my arms ( she wanted to sleep and she really gets fed up of everything ) that time i feel her chilling already against me so i told to Claudebiko to return back to the hospital because i am afraid for what might gonna happen again. My husband voluntarily took Bibingclara on his arms ( nearly asleep) and said that i do not have to get so crazy and exaggerating too much of everything or else he will gonna lead me to sleep  On his opinion and observation, our daughter only wants a tranquility to get her sleep back ( she had full of anxieties during the whole scene ). We just only had the time to have our dinner ( it was a quick one ). I washed our dishes and i am at the point of preparing my tea when i took a route from kitchen to our room ( i have a very sharp instinct ) another episode had happened this time i saw Bibingclara with her eyes rolling up, her lips becomes violet oh my god! i had took a caregiving course and have been took up first aid ( i am shocked ) but doesn't know what to do but to yell and cry. I get Bibingclara into my arms, went to the bathroom i opened up the faucet and put my daughter's head into the cold running water. I asked her if she's ok but when she responded it was like no words coming up from her mouth. We called for a rescue for the second time and it was the same firemens who responded. In the emergency car they did their best for Bibingclara after a few minutes her color becomes normal. On route heading the hospital i was speaking too much with Bibingclara to avoid her from sleeping. i don't wanna let her sleep. I get phobia! A terrible experience! I dont want it happens anymore. Never anymore :( 

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