Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bibingclara in the hospital

We have been stressed and fully nervous for what had happened the night when Bibingclara had a convulsion. We stayed in the hospital and it was me who stayed with her. It was her first time to get terribly sick and needed to be in the hospital for a proper surveillance, first time to sleep without Claudebiko ( we sleep all together in one bed usually at home ). It was so hard! I cried! Looking at her while sleeping in my arms. I was so very impatient to know the next morning what might be the result of her blood test. Lots of things in my head. I dont wanna close my eyes, I couldn't even get sleep.
 A small room where we stayed overnight at Hospital St.Vincent de Paul
                                       My daughter was playing a ball with her papa
We were playing with her while waiting for the doctor. Unfortunately the hospital where we've been is going to be close sooner. Hospital St. Vincent de Paul is a reputable hospital for the children for some reasons ( political problem ) they are obliged to close and transfer their service into another children's hospital in Paris. As an information there are 4 hospital for childrens in Paris but sooner it will rest only 2. ( these days we have to be updated for some info as like this so we know where to go in case of emergency ). In the hospital, we have known an attentive and very nice nurse. She has a feeling for the kids. She have been so nice. She was the one who made the last shot ( medication ) for Bibingclara and it was going so well with her. The day was too long for us and we were so eagerly to come back home :(

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