Monday, March 5, 2012

Broccoli tart

Monday, back to school today! back in our routine. Hubby's at work, daughter is in school, Me? stayed home and cooked meal. I am so itchy trying the broccoli tart that my friend cooked when i visited her at her place. No, i didn't get yet the recipe because this morning when i called her, nobody's answering. I have all the necessary ingredients in the fridge except from the smoked salmon that includes in the recipe gathered over the internet. I was so impatient! can't really help but cooked this yummy broccoli tart :)
 Ingredients : 1 roll thick pastry crust ( ready made bought in the supermarket )
2 heads of broccoli ( blanched )
some heaping spoon of ricotta
3 eggs
3 tbsp cream
30g grated cheese ( any that can easily melt )
salt and pepper
 i cooked my first ever broccoli tart just the way like cooking quiche
First, i cooked the pastry crust in a pie dish for 15 minutes at 175°C. In a bowl, beat eggs add cream, grated cheese, salt and pepper. When the crust is done, remove from the oven. Arrange cooked broccoli on a cooked crust, add ricotta and egg/cheese mixture. Place to the oven and re-bake for another 30 minutes. Longer baking time might needed. I want my crust completely cook and nicely brown so i extended the baking for another 8 minutes.
 this is what we had as our lunch - verdict? soooolicious hubby liked it :)
broccoli tart with endives on the side
Satisfied with our lunch! I will definitely do it again but with the recipe of my friend and next time, i should make my own pastry crust not the ready made one from the supermarket i find it too buttery.


Cielo said...

nag school na pala ang daughter mo? should try this recipe.masarap ba sis? hehehe.mahilig kami sa broccoli pero haven't tried eating something like this

Maruhya said...

yeah saling pusa nakakaisang taon palang sya so me 2 taon pang bubunuin bago mag kinder :) oo sis masarap! madali lang. naisip ko instead na iblanche yung broccoli i-steam ko nlang next time na gagawa ako ulet para hindi sya matubig buti nalang makapal yung pastry dough na binili ko kaya ok lang :)try it baka magustuhan ni rania kung nakain sya ng gulay si clara di kumakain ng gulay kaya kame lang ni hubby. a simple trick you can replace kiri instead of ricotta baka mas magustuhan nya yan

Elizabeth @Mango_Queen said...

Great idea for broccoli! I must make this broccoli tart. Thanks for the recipe & the blog-love! Cheers!

Maruhya said...

Hello elizabeth! thanks for dropping by :) Enjoy! thanks to you as well. all your cooking at your blog makes me inspire. Bon appetit!