Tuesday, March 6, 2012


For some reason, my lunch date with a friend has been pushed tomorrow. So today for our lunch ( with hubby ) i prepared tartiflette. At last, i made it! i first tasted tartiflette as a pizza toppings ( pizza hut here ) but that was so long, long time ago. With the little simple ingredients like potatoes, lardons, onion, cream and reblochon cheese i created a tartiflette of my own for the first time :)
 about a kilo of potatoes
 the rest of the ingredients
 Steam first the thinly sliced potatoes for 15 minutes ( do not overcook )
Heat the cooking pan, with a very little oil then sauté onions and lardons. When done, transfer into plate, let it cool for a while set aside. Meanwhile in a small glass bowl, whisk the 10cl cream or 1 brick ( tetra pack cream ) Mix the onions-lardons together salt and pepper to taste.
 Brush the rectangular baking pan with butter, arrange semi cooked pototaes then poured the half of onion-lardon mixture.
 layer again secondly with potatoes and the rest of the mixture
 that's the reblochon looks like ( i chose the less expensive ) it has not strong taste and it's creamy
 cover with the rest of potatoes. i added some heaping spoon of cream on top...
 then top with reblochon cheese (cutted the half reblochon into 3 portions then splitted into two )
oven for 30 minutes at 220°C or until reblochon cheese completely melts and nicely brown 
 voilà mon assiette!/here's my plate!
we can actually finish all but we control ourselves ( hubby wanting more ) we save some for our unica hija for dinner tonight so we only ate the half of tartiflette :)
 good thing that i decided not to put wine ( optional ) in our tartiflette, instead i save the last brick of dry white wine ( cooking purpose ) for french onion soup that i'll be making these days.
See? plenty of onions
And that calls for onion soup yes, still coldy weather and french onion soup can warm us all up for coming days :)

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