Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lunch at Pho BIDA

We had our lunch date yesterday with my friend ( and her daughter ) and the meeting place was in Pho Bida. I was also with my daughter, we arrived few minutes ahead of them. As we go in, i noticed that the restaurant already packed of people then suddenly i realized hey, it's already lunch time. Good thing we didn't have to wait much because we get a table for 4 right on the spot. Yep! we are F4 ( flower four? ) puff girls? power girls? hahaha i guess it should be power puff girls hehehe Whateverrrr!!! The restaurant is small and it can only accomodate few customer. It has nice decoration with simplicity itself. It's not my first time eating vietnamese food but it's my first time here and my vietnamese friend actually wanting me to try the soup that she was telling me ( highly recommended ). Now, lets go to food :)
on the left is garnish for bun bo hue its all new to me! on top it has thinly sliced of "puso ng saging"-banana heart and on the right a normal garnish for pho soup ( bean sprouts, assted herbs )
a rice dish for my friend's daughter ( i forgot the name )
 bun bo hue- My soup! my friend also had the same i also actually enjoyed by mixing my soup with a very little shrimp paste and chili sauce. Nice combi ang sarap! another one thing in my soup it has plenty of tender meat ( beef, meatballs pero hindi sya hugis ball coz its rectangular shape at paa ng baboy ) i get really curious with this soup even if i figured out na ang hirap palang kainin ng paa ng baboy sa resto hehehe but honestly i enjoyed and finished all :)
pho soup for my little girl ( beef with flat noodle soup )
dessert? i would like trying durian milkshake but i said that would be for next time. we do not have the habits of eating durian and i am afraid that maybe Bibingclara may get stomach upset so instead i ordered 3 colors/trois coleurs - a dessert drink with colorful jellies, sugar syrup and coconut milk. Para bang halo-halo nila.
My friend isn't only beautiful but she's generous too ;). She paid our bill ( she doesn't even wanted i give my share ) If there's only a decent filipino restaurant here, i'll treat her the same way ( that means i'd like to be beautiful and generous too lol ). All i wanna say, this restaurant is a must try. We will definitely come back of course with Claudebiko i will let him  taste bun bo heu ( buti nakain sya bagoong ) :) Thumbs up Pho BIDA :)

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