Saturday, March 3, 2012

A visit to a friend's place : Tart feast

I went to a friend's place last wednesday. It has been month's since we last met. It has been also a very long time that i wanted to put an entry of all the delicious food that she served everytime we have a rendez-vous. One time, the couple invited me to have lunch with them i remember what my friend first served on the table. A dish with fake meat. The fake meat made of tofu hehehe deliciously good! i also tasted her cantonese rice the other time. She also often make good tarts so everytime we meet, was like a tart tasting feast :)
her quiche  and tart with hams ( ground meat or chicken? ) like on a pizza topping
my plate! we paired our tarts with green salad. They're so good! ( i want her recipe )
for dessert it can be cocktail of fruits ( as they love eating fresh fruits ) or assorted cheeses ( it's there i tasted reblochon )
my friend's adorable childrens
At last, i get the chance to see ( for the first time ) her second child who will nearly turn one. Busy mom of two but still she can managed to cook. That day, she prepared broccoli tart with ricotta hmmm...
 I was already had lunch with Claudebiko but when i saw her broccoli tart, a big Wow! who can't resist?
Yum! yum! i will defenitely make it at home im sure my family will love it as i do
that morning, i made two batches of sticky rice cake with slices of mango as toppings
I brought a batch for them ( on the right ) natalie (the eldest daughter) love it so much she keep bugging her mama to give her another slice. Next time, i will bring home-made puto for them as i realized that they like rice cakes.

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