Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Strawberry swirl cheesecake

I am happy with my new removable baking tray. I bought it in a bazaar for only 6 euros, so cheap and the quality is great! normally with the cheap one you cannot get a good quality but with this, i can say that it's a real good buy :)
i am also meaning of using this to my soon to be bake pies project :)
cheesecake recipe here, i just omitted the fresh strawberry and replace it with bonne maman strawberry jam. I just pour it on top then i make a swirl stroke using a toothpick :)
i cutted into bars and put them in a cupcake liner :)
They're the cheesecakes that i baked for our x-mas party last december. Next post, the cheesecake we had on my birthday :)


Cielo said...

i am looking for removable pan para sa pie at cheesecake din kaso wala pa ako nakikita dito.gawa ako ng mini cheesecake for leila's dessert buffet gayahin ko itong strawberry swirl mo.

Maruhya said...

cielo sa ikéa meron sila bilog madali lang basta yung basic recipe ng cheesecake tapos pede mong lagyan ng strawberry jam or fresh strawberry o di kaya kahit anong sari-saring prutas para makulay. next time gawa ako slender cheesecake na full of fruits ang toppings at kumpleto recipe na :) good nga ang strawberry swirl cheesecake para sa bday party ni leila ok ang portion at swak para sa mga bata