Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Before i start my diet, i baked my last sweet! The last time i bake cheesecake, was catastrophique. Now, i improved it! It was a success! It was a super hit most especially to my little girl :)
To bake cheesecake you will need :
                                          fresh strawberries ( optional )
                                 100g biscuits ( speculoos, bastogne, or graham )
                                        50g butter
               10g sugar ( i omitted because the biscuits are already sugared )                           
To make the base : In the bowl, mix the crushed biscuits+sugar+butter. In the spring form pan, press the mixed biscuits using the back of the spoon when done, oven it at 150°c for 10 minutes then let it cool while doing the cream mixture.
Now, for making the cream mixture :
                                          500g cream cheese
                                ( i use Nature à tartiner ou philadelphia )
                                         120g sugar
                                          4 eggs
                                          1 tbs. flour
                                          half of lemon juice
                                          50g cream
In the glass shallow bowl, Mix together the cream cheese+cream+sugar. Add eggs one at a time while mixing. Scrape the middle of vanilla by using knife then add lemon juice and flour.
Pour in the cream mixture, oven for 170°c for 1 1/2 hours let it cool inside the oven. When its cool enough, decorate with fresh strawberries on top then let it ready for chilling in the fridge for about less than 2 hours.
                                           ready to go unmolding / cooling in the fridge
                                    Bibingclara's attacking cheesecake ( she loves it! )
                                         Ohhh sinful cheesecake .... Yum!


mavic said...

hellow...nice to see you here may pamangkin bbyclara she looks okey now and fully recover.....thnks to god!.....ok enjoy eating your cheese yah!

Maruhya said...

hello sistah! yeah she's getting better now. magana na sya ulet kumain! matakaw mana sa akin hehehe kain ng kain pero di naman sya tumataba lumalaki lang. Pati hita lumalaki mana ke shobe hehehe :)

RIZZA said...

sarap naman ng cheesecake mo Maruh :) pahingi please!!!

Maruhya said...

ok bigyan kita masarap ang cheesecake ko nung nasa pinas ako nag bake ako ng may blueberry toppings kasi nakakita ako ng blueberry sa grocery na nasa lata nasarapan naman sila hehehe :)