Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Avocadong areglado

There's an only way i know of eating avocado, eating it by adding condensed milk. I remember when my father works in the countryside for sure when he'll come back home he would have loads of sacs full of fruits ( specially avocado's ). It reminds me of my childhood too that when we have plenty of avocado's left he would make it as little "ice candy" for us. No any other ingredients to add on. Simple but so yummy!
                                          Avocado with sweetened milk
I bought 4 pcs of Avocado ( they are in promo ) one day in the wet market. I made 2 avocado's for our dessert and 2 other left for our starter ( i have learned that it was so good too eating it by simply adding vinaigrette ) 
 Avocado boat ( scrape out the seed then pour on the sauce )
to make the sauce click here
Claudebiko told me that when he was in Brazil, he almost eat big avocado's everyday and because of his love affair with avocado, he even planted an avocado seed at home. It has grown actually for years and bear fruits inside the apartment where we are living right now but unfortunately when Claudebiko left to live in America for 3 months the avocado tree died ( his son had forgotten to water the plants ) He was so upset but well, its life! We can still enjoy eating avocado's by buying in the supermarket. Talagang ayos at Areglado! :)

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