Monday, May 24, 2010

Upside down apple tart / Tarte tatin aux pommes

Wherever i am and also when i am doing our food shopping, i always look for apples. I found apples ( canadian apple type ) and bought it. When i went home, it mades me think of making a dessert so i decided to use the apples i bought. You will need 4 simple ingredients as follows :
                                           4 apples
                                           30g. butter
                                           1/2 cup sugar
                                           one roll ready made pastry dough
                                           peel and slice the apples into small quarters
 In the pan, melt the butter, arrange the apples, sprinkle with sugar and let it caramelized for about 30 mins. ( medium heat )
When done, tranfer the caramelized apples into circular baking tray
Cover with pastry dough ( fold the left over that hangs on the border )
Oven at 170 °c for 15-20 mins or until brown ( mine was a bit burn but it's okey )
Invert into the plate and Serve! Voilà! Enjoy the yummy Tarte Tatin :)


Rizza said...

yummy! how i wish na matuto akong mag-bake! waaahhhh... HRM graduate hindi marunong mag-bake... kakahiya ako, huhuhu...

Maruhya said...

madali lang mag bake pang mirye miryenda riz :) buti nga nakakapag bake pa ako eh kahit me topak topak ang oven hehehe hrm ka pala magaling ka naman siguro sa pag mix ng cocktails paturo naman hehehe :)