Monday, May 24, 2010

Caldereta ko

I missed blogging! i have been 100% mom these past few weeks. Lot of things had happened. Bibingclara get sick ( 39.4 fever because of Laryngitis ) that went up in the hospital for an emergency check up. Aside from following a strict diet, ( serious hehehe ) i also cut my hair. We adopted a cutie kuting that we have found from an internet advertisement ( at last the long waiting has come ) and yesterday we had our barbeque in our balcony ( good weather ) with Léo and Cyinthia ( Claudebiko's son and manugang ). I also got the chance to arrange a little our kitchen ( but it still lots of mess! gosh!) why? because Claudebiko has to install our new ceramic hob ( a replacement to our old electric cooker ) that we have got from Donnons.-Its a website wherein they can post unwanted things (household appliances ) that they would like to give to person (who might be interested ) before putting/throwing in the trash. Well, all in all! we've been very lucky about everything and i will relate it gradually on my ongoing posts. New cooker mades me encouraged to cook one of my favorite dish. Yeah, im on a diet! but i have my feast day so i can eat somehow :)
              I have a big portion of my caldereta and i ate it with Couscous
For now, i will not  post the recipe on how i made it. It was a simple caldereta but i can tell that it was the best caldereta i have ever made ( nagutom lang siguro ako after ng dyeta hehehe ) yeah true! the beef chunks are enough tender, the sauce on it was perfect. No spicyness ( no chilies available in the fridge ). I am planning to cook Caldereta again and i will post the recipe on it next time. Promise :)


Rizza said...

Maruh, I also cut my hair last April, hehehe ang init kasi dito sa atin eh :)Take care always :)

Maruhya said...

oo nga daw ang init sabi ng mga kapatid ko :)