Monday, May 17, 2010

3-Day diet

In one month, summer will come! summer means sea, sun, sand, swimming, swimsuit ( sexy ) and seafood ( pagkain na naman ang nasa isip ). This summer, we'll go to the beach. I would like to wear swimsuit that will fit me well so i am obliged to loose weight ( i doesn't want to wear swimsuit for preggy anymore ). The goal is to loose 5 kilos ( huh, wish me luck ) courage! courage!. This 3 day diet program was forwarded by my friend long time ago. I followed this program thrice in Philippines and it's worked on me. It saves me from eating rice, ( im crazy with rice ) i never gets hungry easily, loose my appetite to crave on for something. This diet method seems perfect for me. Now, i decided to re-begin :)
    I re-printed my 3-day diet program on my yahoo mail account year 2006
I have tried it here twice and it gives the same result on me. I felt lighter less than a week ( a bit challenging ) Now, i have to rush going to the supermarket to buy those things on my diet menu. 
                       I have to re-do my diet plan. Bukas diet! :) ( totots na toh!! )


Rizza said...

Naku Maruh! goodluck sa iyong 3-day diet my friend :) sana ay maging effective talaga yan at ng hindi ka na masama sa association na bubuuin ko for chubby mommies only! hehehe joke!

Rizza ;)

Maruhya said...

Thanks rizza! talagang madugo ang pag da diet kelangan eh nakakakunsumi na magbihis hehehe talaga merong association kang bubuuin? uy, pasama naman! hehehe i will never be slim that's for sure! :)

Rizza said...

hehehe, joke lang yun Maruh, pero sige tayo-tayo na lang, hahaha!!! basta sa puso at isip natin, kasama tayo don, hehehe...