Monday, May 17, 2010

Green day

Spring is now! but we still experiencing a strange weather nowadays it was like winter grrr... cold outside and a bit windy. Summer is soon! We are so impatient! We just only have once a year to enjoy our balcony sitting there while the sun heat is on. Soon, we can be able to install again Bibingclara's inflatable mini pool and she can walk and play around without her big coat ( she will enjoy more now than last year ).
A pair of betty flip flop green found in Star mall ( good as they can fit now to Bibingclara )
We missed to invite friends too to have some barbeque as what we do each year. Soon we'll do and will cook some new discovered cuisine so i can use my fresh parsley waiting on the balcony.
A pot of parsley ( i have in double but i gave one pot to a friend who's also in cooking )
Another green thing i have founded as a part of summer preparation. How i wish i could have the same silhouette ( dreaming ) on the photo. I bought Elancyl and apply it once a day to help smoothes dimpled skin specially on my thigh. I always remember my sister calling me cellulite girl teasing all the time because of my body fats appearance hehe ( i must call her veins girl huh ) i teased her back because she's really maugat hehehe well, i have faith in this product. I could see the result in 14 day. Well, i'll see :)


mavic said...

hhehehe..pag wa epek sau sis....padala na yan sa box......mwaaaaaaaah!...............

Maruhya said...

hehehe nku sis very effective... reliable ang products dito if you want i will send u sa next package before xmas. i dont think na kailangan mo ala ka namang taba taba eh hehehe :)