Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday lunch date part 2

I had a monday lunch with Claudebiko for the second time around last, last monday. Bibingclara wasn't with us ( she's in the nursery ) Since, it was the first day of the week, and Claudebiko had to come back home from work for a lunch we decided to have a quick pass to get a form for the application of a french nationality. When we get to the office ( ask for a folder / documents that i have to be furnish ) we saw already from the stairs a long queue and we discouraged to continue going up because we know that it will gonna be long and we doesn't want to stay anyway for a long waiting so we had to come back for another day ( no luck! )and because it was lunch time we decided to eat in our favorite japanese restaurant at Sushi Odéon ( the restaurant is just around ).
 a picture taken year 2007 and i like the display frame at my back ( preggy woman )
             3 years later, looking at myself really have to be serious on my diet
I like the tranquility of the restaurant, not much customer when we get there. no stress! it's just us whose a bit stressed because we only have one hour to finish our meal ( Claudebiko had to come back work ). The servers are very attentive and they served fast. First we had our Miso soup and japanese salad.
We both ordered a set meal of brochettes ( quail,duck,chicken,chicken wing, beef, beef and cheese, and chicken balls ) and with the steamed white rice, hmmm.. sarap! The price is affordable compare to other japanese restaurant will come back next time with Bibingclara for sure. Next time will order Yakisoba and Sushi's yum! :)

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