Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pancit Bihon / Les nouilles

There are so many versions of cooking Pansit. Pancit is one of Bibingclara's all time favorite aside from Chicken Adobo the only reason why i always include those yummy filipino dishes in our weekly menu. Last time, I made pancit bihon because i know very well that Bibingclara will gonna have a big appepite ( after the hospitalization ) and for her i would like to cook food that she can really crave for.
Ingredients :
                                    250g Rice sticks ( soaked in a running water for 5-7mins )
2 small carrots cut into matchsticks 
200g french beans cut into small pieces
one medium onion chopped
4 cloves garlic minced
3 pcs. thigh or breast part chicken ( cooked and deboned )
reserved chicken stock from the cooked chicken 
3 tbsp. cooking oil 
30ml soy sauce 
black pepper 
Preparation :
In a wok, put oil sauteed garlic+onion+chicken+carrots+french beans let them cook for 5 minutes.
When the vegetables are slightly cook add the rice sticks ( dont soak it too long, they will become soggy ). Continue mixing as the rice sticks absorbs the oil from the vegetables add chicken stock little by little+soy sauce and pepper to taste. It is cook when the rice sticks completely absorbed the water. When wanted to get the perfect color or saltiness of your own just add more of soy sauce :)
Voila! Here is our Pancit Bihon at home
I made it in a simpliest and the quickiest way ( as Claudebiko's line " the simplier, the bettier/yummier" ) Cooking time just in 20 mins. Easy and affordable meal. My pancit turned out so delicious! and with the new brand of Rice sticks i used ( can't remember the name on the package ) i have got the good texture of my pancit when its cook. Satisfying! Next time i will try to add chorizo and black mushroom. Yum! :)

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