Monday, March 29, 2010

Lunch date / Déjeuner

Last sunday, Claudebiko worked all night and went home very late (regional election here). He has no work the next day. He woke up not so late and had a good sleep. (got the chance to stay long on bed because he use to go work early) He was having his coffee while we are having our conversation, thinking what are we going to eat for lunch. I haven't had prepare anything yet kinda lazy of cooking that day :) I would have been like of eating brochettes in a japanese restaurant but i said it will be for a next time when Bibingclara is with us (she in the nursery). Claudebiko wanted to eat pizza and we would like to dine out not so far from home so we decided to have our lunch in our favorite pizzeria Pizza d'italia near home.
                                                                    Menu carte
I ordered the menu of the day. i chose starter/main course to main course/dessert
I had Calabraselle sausage as starter that i shared with Claudebiko. He chose Calabrasella pizza (has calabraselle sausages too on top, belle pepper and one egg) spicy pizza i can tell.
my menu of the day "cocktail de pâtes" 3 different kinds of pasta. I had small portion of spinach ravioli with cream mushroom sauce,beef lasagna and tagliatelle with tomato sauce. What i like most is the raviolis and i am thinking to cook it at home (probably pasta menu week after lenten season). We drank a half pitcher of white italian wine (cheapest and good) and we finished our meal with 2 cups of espresso. No dessert! sorry for Marunggay (diet ba?) hehehehe I had a nice and very cool lunch date with Claudebiko (walang bata eh) well, will make an italian dessert at home next week :)

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